Wildlife on campus

[Written yesterday in my notebook]

Wildlife today so far: the noise of kookaburras, echoing creepily; tiny rising bubbles and large splashes that resolved themselves into the dim shapes of the koi in the Reid Library moat, the red-and-white koi catching my eye until the brown ones swam across them, going from invisible to green to brown and then disappearing again behind the green fan of their tails. A threat of ravens, grasping with confidence the back of the silver chair opposite me, and glaring at my doughnut peach; the shrieks and strutting of seagulls, and the smug swimming-by of the ducks.

It turns out, seagulls can be quite peaceful if they think no-one is watching them, or coming near them to take the left-behind bowl of rice  away. I swear, I saw one seagull today – thinking it was unobserved – stop eating, and look like it was pretty full and had had enough.

There were bees in the waterlilies, and a tiny cockroach in the takeaway container protecting my peach: eeew. Also ants aiming for the scalloped circles of my biscuits as I sat on the lawn.

I wasn’t content to observe the wildlife only, and fed the cockroach to the fish.

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1 Response to Wildlife on campus

  1. laurieormond says:

    Wildlife on Campus today: flies. Going back inside!

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