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Book Review: Tiddas by Anita Heiss

Tiddas by Anita Heiss, published 2014 by Simon & Schuster Australia.   360 pp.  RRP $29.99 Izzy, Veronica, Xanthe, Nadine, Ellen went to highschool together in Mudgee, a town in central rural NSW, in Wiradjuri country. Although they followed separate life … Continue reading

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On Writing Anxiety and Academic Snobbery

  I am in the middle of writing a book review. I like to think of myself as someone unaffected by academic snobbery, but all the same I find myself anxious about publishing a piece of writing in which I … Continue reading

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Once Upon A Time at the Sydney Writers’ Festival

In this post, I recap and reflect on the Sydney Writers’ Festival session ‘Once Upon a Time: Myth & Fairytale‘, which was held on Saturday May 24 2014 at Walsh Bay. On my way to the festival, I felt like a … Continue reading

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You’re Not a Princess, Dearie.

So my friend just sent me a link to this article on Daily Life about a girls’  school’s recruitment campaign: I’m not a fan of it. According to the Daily Life article, the campaign addresses middle-school girls, telling them … Continue reading

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One of One Billion

Yesterday, I participated in One Billion Rising, a demonstration staged in many countries around the world on the 14th of February to protest violence against women. In Sydney we were one of the first groups of women and men to … Continue reading

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Settling in in Sydney

My favourite fashion blogger, the sequin cat, mentioned recently that this month is          No Excuses November in blog-land. My current, just-as-of-this-evening excuses include: I am using my (new!) smartphone as a wifi hotspot and it keeps dropping out; I am … Continue reading

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What TV taught me to expect from “college”…

In Community, Abed Nadir puts together a bucket list of classic college experiences, obviously based on classic college movies Abed has seen. I haven’t seen “Animal House”, which according to both a character on the show and a brief scan … Continue reading

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Frugal Fun

On Sunday, I invited friends and family (and some family of friends) over to our house for a “Book Swap”. Given my history of frantically cooking army-loads of food  as people are still arriving, and then spending the rest of … Continue reading

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No Princess

I caught the circleroute yesterday, to go into uni, to pick up a new set of academic transcripts.  Just opposite the uni,  a grey Nissan Pulsar passed my 98, zooming along Stirling Highway to Mounts Bay Road. Across the top … Continue reading

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I wrote this post two weeks ago; when I had three weeks to go before finishing and submitting my thesis. The nature of thesis submission being what it is, it remained locked in some notesy-sentences until now. Now I’ve had … Continue reading

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