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Frugal Fun

On Sunday, I invited friends and family (and some family of friends) over to our house for a “Book Swap”. Given my history of frantically cooking army-loads of food  as people are still arriving, and then spending the rest of … Continue reading

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A sizeable post on Australian fashion

As a postscript to my previous post on having to endure the apologies of sales assistants that my bum requires a size 14/16, can I just suggest to the general Australian public that it’s clothes, not women, that come in … Continue reading

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It’s not you, it’s this zip

On separating your feminist objection to your body becoming an object of scrutiny from the assumption that you’re just embarrassed by your waistline. I went to be fitted for a bridesmaid’s dress this morning. I bounced quite eagerly into the … Continue reading

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The Perils of Eco-Chic (Brown is the New Black)

New Year’s Eve: I’m in front of the mirror running an approving eye over my outfit, which is “vintage” (or close enough) from head to toe: vintage cotton dress, lace-up vintage boots, second-hand necklace fashioned out of an 80s earring, … Continue reading

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